Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lupus Moon Update #12

Had a great couple days with the script. Knocked out 10 6/8 pages yesterday and tacked on 5 7/8 today thus far. Much of it was previously written material that was either re-incorporated or updated to fit the current direction, but the rest are legitimate, first-time pages.

I'm sitting at the bottom of page 72 with a final page goal of 120. Needless to say, I'm getting there fast. A lot happened in those pages: a mentor dies, Alexandria winds up in jail - things are generally going downhill, just as they should. I'm in the middle of a dialogue scene with a bit of an unexpected twist, with another fight scene right around the corner.

To make matters better, the draft has gotten extremely positive feedback from Shaundra, who's read 66 of the pages (not counting today's work). I'm feeling very strong about this script and will be looking for feedback from other sources when the time is right. I don't want to sound egotistical, but if this script doesn't sell or at least generate attention, something's wrong. It's got several commercial elements in it, the type Hollywood salivates over - and that's by design. The reasons I can see for the script being snubbed (besides lack of good writing, which I'm taking steps to ensure is NOT an issue) are the protagonist's race (mixed, African American and Caucasian) and gender (female) - neither a fair of valid reason.

But I'm getting ahead of the game. I have to finish the script first. Until then --


Friday, February 5, 2010

Lupus Moon Update #11

I'm up to page 48 as of this writing.

It's been a hard week of writing. I haven't had the output that I'd like, despite working most of my scheduled time and some overtime. I had a few dialogue scenes that gave me fits, mainly because I was trying to incorporate new material with existing material while finding a way to bend the whole thing to fit the direction the story is going in. It's a lot easier when you're molding "like" material for the first time. Everything matches and the experience is less taxing on the brain. Funny how being mentally tired, even when physically fine, can shut you down all the same.

I still need to work on getting a maximum amount of rest each night, though. Lupus Moon, plus a new, more aggressive workout routine, have taken a lot out of me this week. Even a new "wake up mix" on my iPod isn't helping. I've noticed that when I'm not listening to music my writing seems a lot sharper the first time around. Thing is, I'm often forced to listen to music (on top of my morning coffee) continuously to stay awake - otherwise I find myself crashing a lot sooner than desired.

But progress is progress. I'm happy to be moving in the right direction, and I'm motivated. I let my girlfriend read the first 27 pages of the current draft earlier this week, and she was VERY complimentary and excited to see where the story was going. Even though Shaundra's my girlfriend, I know for a fact her opinion isn't biased -- she hasn't hesitated to tell me she didn't like two scripts I wrote in the past -- at all. Her mother's the same way, having given me valuable insight on other scripts. I'm glad that she's excited; maybe all the hard work and 38,000 versions of the story will pay off in the end. I can't wait for her to read the new pages.

Until then, time to get back to work. Gotta keep this Long Train Runnin'.