Friday, July 30, 2010


The last time I blogged, I had completed Lupus Moon and was submitting it for coverage. It was supposed to only take two weeks to come back, but here it is a month later and still nothing. Needless to say I'm annoyed - VERY annoyed - but that's not the only thing going on with CME...

I also mentioned a new project in my last post, but I didn't want to go into detail until I felt I had something in the way of a story. A huge part of that was because I was thinking it would become the new #1 contender for our debut feature. I'm glad I didn't announce that because, since then, I've decided it would work better as the third feature, with a couple older scripts being the first and second projects. All of this is a long way off, of course, but I like to have a roadmap - a plan, if you will.

As of right now, my romantic comedy, Thief of Hearts, is slated #1 with Charity, a thriller, at #2. I've gotten a good reaction from both these scripts (Thief of Hearts was optioned at one point, but that went nowhere). Following that will be the feature I'm currently working on, the action/drama Deuce, which tells the story of a Houston neighborhood overrun by a gang dealing in drugs and violence, and the vigilante group that offers to run them out. It's got a lot of Original Gangstas in it with just a hint of Drop Squad. The original idea was birthed in 1996 and the name comes from the moniker of a clique of friends I was a part of in high school (which, in turn, was taken from the movie South Central). The first draft was written in 2000 with a second draft being struck in 2001. Though the story will remain largely the same, I've got several new ideas I can't wait to incorporate. More on this project in future blogs.

What about Hardwired - the script I was originally planning on going into after Lupus Moon? I put it on hiatus, but that might be changing soon, with me developing it in tandem with Deuce. If Lupus Moon takes off in Hollywood, it'll be in my best interest to not only say I'm working on my next script, but to have something to show as soon as possible - because they will ask what else I have.

So what does this mean for CME in the short run? Well, that's just it - shorts. I've got about 12 written, unproduced scripts that I'm looking at getting to make at some point. Some are a little larger in scope, but several are smaller and require minimal budgets. The drafts are older, so of course they'll require rewrites, but it'll be nothing like fixing up a feature. I've got an initial slate of five selected: Nisa's Solo (drama), Revelation (drama), Ice Cream Man (comedy), The Attucks Three: Leaders of the New School (mockumentary) and Texas Backwater (horror/comedy). The last one may change as it's much larger in budget, but it's a project I've loved for a while. But, like any pro wrestling line-up, this card is subject to change.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lupus Moon Update #19

LUPUS MOON IS COMPLETE! (for now, anyway)

Put the finishing touches on the dialogue pass today, and I've wasted no time in setting up the coverage. I'll be heading out of town for a few days and I really wanted to get this ball rolling so I could relax while things were still moving ahead.

As I worked on the dialogue pass, it became clear to me that the script could benefit from one last pass, focusing on everything. I think the action pass took so long, that I got better as I went along, something I noticed as I moved through the quicker dialogue pass. But that's all window dressing: the script is ready for coverage. Of course I'm hoping for the best, but this will be the biggest hurdle thus far on the road to (hopefully) selling it. If things go well, I'll knock out this "last looks" pass before I send the script out to agents.

But there's no rest for the wicked. I was originally going to launch directly into Hardwired, but due to recent -- how shall I put this nicely -- events, I'm thinking of going in another direction. There's a lot to be hashed out about it, so I'll wait until things are further along before I talk about it here, but I'll start developing some ideas about this weekend (I know, I said I was going to relax, but that meant from Lupus Moon, lol). I will say this - it would be a HUGE STEP for my career.

Here's hoping things turn out well for that as well as this coverage. But I guess I'll find out soon enough.