Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lupus Moon (the novel) Update #3

Just thought I'd post a few pics of the novel, still in the outlining stage. Things are moving well at the moment, after going back over what I had thus far to implement yet more new ideas, as well as do some world-building (vocabulary, character motivations and types, plot ideas, etc.). It won't kick in until later books, but it's going to open major doors as to how I can structure the stories by not confining them each to a three-night cycle, which has only ramped up my excitement for them.

Anyway, here's the pics...
Ideas and scenes from various iterations of the story: 2010 original screenplay, current working outline, secondary notepad with additional chapters, 2003 handwritten script treatment, 2009 note sheet, 2010 printed Word file and index cards used to write the original screenplay (not pictured, original 2000 handwritten treatment).

Another view of the table.

Closeup of the outline and secondary notepad.

Secondary notepad, containing chapters that will go between those already written in the outline.

Page from LUPUS MOON screenplay.