Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Been a While. You Know What That Means...

If you guessed "This fool's changed directions again," you win the showcase showdown!

Where do I start? Guess I'll be short and to the point: Hardwired's on hold (again, indefinitely), Thief of Hearts is DOA, The Life and Times of Abigail Waller is back in pre-production with a casting call underway, and I'm planning on finally breaking ground on Lupus Moon, the novel.

So what the hell happened? Back in late September I finished the latest round of rewrites on Thief of Hearts and sent the script off to a production company I thought would be more welcoming of it in terms of its characters' ethnicity - ie: Black. It was really my last-ditch effort with that script as I felt tired of working on it and wanted to move on. A couple weeks ago I received my response - it was a pass. The reader expressed her resignations with the script, and although I didn't agree with a couple of them, my general feeling was an overwhelming "Oh well. Moving on." I had hoped the script would do better, but I didn't expect it to. How could I, after all these years of writing and getting rejected? So I did what felt most rational to me given my situation and fatigue with the script -

I declared it dead. It was Kenny Rogers who famously sang that "... you gotta know when to fold 'em..." and dude's right. Sometimes a script just doesn't work. It's fatally flawed, either in concept, or in the writer's inability to translate thoughts to words and logic on the page. I first conceived Thief of Hearts on July 2, 1999, completed the first draft in 2001, and have rewritten it extensively off and on ever since. The script is registered with the Writers Guild of America, West, has advanced in competition, earned a rating of "Consider" from a major coverage company, and even been optioned. It's brought me a lot of joy - and a mega-ton of frustration. And now it's time to move on. Maybe one day I'll return to it and take another stab at the story. Maybe I won't. But for now I just want to work on something new.

Which is why I put Hardwired back on the "injury reserve" list and decided to move forward with the web series and the novel version of Lupus Moon. I'm done chasing Hollywood, and am more content to try and carve out a path for myself independently. Sure, I'll try and place the novel with a major publisher, but with the internet and self-publishing houses being in great abundance, a "no" from the gatekeepers have about a showball's chance in an Arizona desert of stopping me from getting the book out. And even though it's a story I've worked with before (extensively), the chance to flesh it out in long form more than revs up that excitement that writing brings me while satisfying that need to create. I've got some new ideas to spice up the story, and I can't wait to implement them.

Should be a wild ride...