Saturday, August 18, 2012



That's how many words I have thus far on Darkness Walks. Not the best number, given the amount of time since I started working on the novel, but it's progress nonetheless.

And yes, you read that night. The novel.

I made the decision a while back to just go balls-to-the-wall and crank out this thing in long form. Sure, that's going to greatly push back my projected completion date, which is going to greatly push back my date of putting the work on the market, which, in turn will greatly push back the massive success I hope it becomes (let me have my moment here), which, in all, will greatly push back my exit from the Rat Race. At least that's how I see it.

Things are going well, writing-wise. The trick, as always, is finding the time to write and taking advantage of that time when you have it - as opposed to, say, wasting the last four hours on YouTube watching videos of video games. Not that I would do that.



I originally started writing the book, like most folks, in a word processing program, carefully setting up my header, page and tab margins. I had gotten well-adjusted to the workflow, and had really no problems with it. But curiosity kept gnawing at my brain...

My screenwriting software has a built-in (and editable) template for novels. I'd tried it once just for shits and giggles, but found the overall experience lacking and the controls counter-intuitive. I knew if I gave myself time to learn it I'd master it fine, but I was just too lazy to put in the time, so I continued with the word processor.  But the allure of using one program to write both my screenplays and novels (and, perhaps, graphic novels) was just too strong and too damn convenient. So I came back to the program, took the time, set things up, and now I'm rocking it. I'm enjoying the experience, and the added outlining capabilities of the software are simply amazing. It makes things so much easier - and more fun - when working.

So progress is being made; I just need to work harder on making it faster. It doesn't help that my head is exploding with ideas for a multitude of projects - each one trying to out-scream the other for my attention. I've gone back to using a writing schedule to divvy up my week between projects, hoping that giving each one its own time will satisfy their cries long enough to get something done, as opposed to agonizing over which one to work on and get nothing done. So far, so good.

If you want, you can check out the rough draft of the first three chapters here, and "like" the page to get the latest on all our literary projects.

Part of my schedule entails updating this blog at least once a week, so it shouldn't be such a long time before my next entry. At least, that's the idea...

- KS