Thursday, November 21, 2013

DARQUEness Rises...

Toying with a new idea. Well, more than toying with it; it's all but a done deal. Guess I'm just waiting to see if it'll pan out.

In trying to figure out how best to realize a few of my intellectual properties (in a couple cases, how to realize them period), the idea came to me yesterday to turn what would be a superhero comic book series into a series of novellas. I really do love the idea of being a comics creator, but I'm just not comfortable with the final commitment it would require (paying an artist, inker, letterer, colorist, press fees, marketing, etc.). I really wanna do something with this particular character, as well as others--but at the same time, I'm not convinced a full-on novel would be the best bet. But a series of novellas sounds like a cool alternative.

Hmmm. But would such a project work best coming out under the Marquis Literary banner? Something about that just didn't sit right. "Marquis Literary" sounds more, I don't know, "high-minded." Now, I could just be committing the same type of genre bias so many others are guilty of, but honestly, I just couldn't shake the feeling. And, when lining up that property (and others) against the other titles I have earmarked for Marquis, it seemed more than ever that perhaps this title should live under a different banner. A specialized banner. Then it hit me...

Darkmarque Studios.

Actually, Darque Marque Press.

I had already coined the name "Blaquecat Studios" for my non-existant-but-hopefully-one-day comic book imprint. So I was thinking something along those lines for a niche book shingle. Playing off the "dark" theme, the new name slammed into my brain from the ether. And I loved it. Which means I immediately started playing around with it to mold it into its most perfect version. Suddenly "Dark" didn't have to be "Dark"--it could be "Darque" (it rhymes and has visual symmetry!)--and things snowballed after that.

I relayed the idea to Shaundra this morning ("Darque Marque Press" was my intensely-vetted choice, but I also loved "Darque Marque Literary" and "Darque Marque Publishing"--she quickly verified I'd made the right call), and she loved it, telling me, "Now I need you to get to writing."

Yes, ma'am...

As it stands, Darque Marque Press has five properties to it's name (really six--I don't know why I haven't moved Shadowfox there yet, not to mention a couple other superhero characters--that's what started me down this road in the first place. I hope I don't decide they need their own shingle, though with Darque Marque skewing heavily toward horror and fantasy...), with perhaps more to come. My more "standard" fare will continue to run under the Marquis Literary banner. Up first will be my anticipated (by me--solely me) return to Darkness Walks, which comes at a good time, as Wendy has been calling to me to continue working on her story.  Now, with other ventures settling into place, I'll happily oblige.

Time to dive back in.