Thursday, April 10, 2014

LUPUS MOON #15 - "Decisions, Decisions..."

Now that I'm back to working on Lupus Moon full time (having taken some time to finish a polish of Revelation), I've been going back and forth over whether or not I want to birth this thing in comic book format, or if I want to write it in screenplay format first and then convert it over afterward. Since I'm most familiar with screenplays, I think I'll start there...

Seems legit.


LUPUS MOON #14 - "Clean Slate Protocol"

The novel version of Lupus Moon is dead.

Or in suspended animation.

Or cryogenic freeze. Take your pick.

The project is going ahead, however. I'm just back to developing it as an original graphic novel.

It basically came down to doing what I really wanted to to--what made me the most excited. Stripping away concerns about what might make the most money the quickest, what might be the most popular and what is the "smartest" move to make, I just focused on what felt right from a creative standpoint. I've been reading more and more about the comic book industry lately, and the more I tried to push and pull away from it, the more I couldn't shake just how cool it would be for me to have my characters and story realized in a graphic format. I mean, it would just plain rock. So, after a ton of mental wrangling, and realizing I only have one life (that I know of), and that I'm not getting any younger in it, I came to one, simple conclusion: "Why the fuck not?"

So I'm launching into a new direction. The story will be the same, except for a few small tweaks. I'm also going to adjust the antagonist's reasoning for doing what he's doing, looking to tie it in with future books I hope to write. It'll be quite the learning curve, no doubt, but I think it'll be a lot of fun. And I really hope it works out, because I have several other ideas I'd like to turn into comics/graphic novels themselves.

I swear I can't wait until I get that first piece of artwork back from whomever I work with. I'm probably going to cry like a baby.