Thursday, May 22, 2014


I must admit, I'm pretty damn excited.

Lupus Moon, the graphic novel, is underway. I'm several pages in, but I admittedly haven't touched the draft in a little over a week. But it's for a very good reason...

I've also been working on Shadowfox. Locking her story down, researching, and world building. I started back on the outline last night, and I'm trying to figure out how I want to break the story down, as it's quite different from writing a screenplay, or an original graphic novel (Shadowfox will be released in traditional single issues, with story arcs being collected into trade paperbacks; I'm thinking about changing up Lupus Moon to follow the same format). I had a bit of a baby epiphany last night before I went to bed; I'm so looking forward to diving back into the work.

This is all coming together in the form of a new company structure. Originally, the idea was to release these titles under the name Blaquecat Studios; but, after looking at the titles I'm wanting to release, it once again became apparent that I needed two different brand names (there may be a third at some point) to cover the range of material -- and "Blaquecat" itself didn't seem to fit. So, going forward, the superhero titles (Shadowfox, Blayze, Pulse and a couple less-defined concepts) will run under Ascension Comics; horror/supernatural titles (Lupus Moon, Darkness Walks, Saints & Sinners, Texas Backwater, The Wretched, Noah) will come out under Darque Marque Comics. I've already created temporary logos for each brand, and will be putting up a Facebook page for them later today (I won't be doing a lot of promotion for it yet, though; gotta make sure this whole thing pans out before I put myself out there too much).

All of this, and we also recently went into production on our web series Love's High Wire. It's a lot, but it's the fun kind of "a lot" -- the "a lot" that I control.

And it's always best to control your own destiny, so to speak.