Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Look for LUPUS MOON

On a lark, I decided to finally update the title graphic for the book. The old one was okay, but I was never a fan of how the font made "Moon" look like "Moan." So I went online to a cool site that lets you download fonts for free and grabbed several new fonts. Funny thing is I initially passed on the one I finally settled on. Sometimes, I guess, you have to give something a second look to realize it's the one. Anyway, here's before:

And after:

Me likey. And it's definitely a sign of things to come. (Guess now's a good time as any to mention that I'm moving forward with this as a traditional novel, as opposed to a graphic novel. That little bit of info would help, no?) 


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Helping a Friend Out

Something I've become fairly decent at is creating simple title graphics on Photoshop. I'm no pro by any stretch of the imagination, but I've designed a few logos/graphics that folks have seemed to like.

Here's one I did this past weekend for my friend and budding novelist Erik Dreiling, for his work-in-progress, Conflux.

Not too bad if I say so myself (and, of course, I do). The story is a sci-fi time travel adventure, so I thought something spacy would work - although I'm honestly wondering now if I should've just gone for a blank background instead of the stars. The most important thing, though, is that Erik loved it. So much so, in fact, that he's decided to use it for the cover of his book! So yeah, I just got my first book cover credit. Sweet!

Who knows? Maybe I should study graphic design seriously and open up a side business. Hey, a budding artist needs all the income streams he can possibly get, right?

Friday, February 13, 2015

TEXAS BACKWATER - Prewriting #2

Knocked out the story/franchise bible and beat sheet for TEXAS BACKWATER. This will be a cool, fun-ass script if I can pull it together. Shouldn't be too much of a problem; I've got a strong skeleton to work from.

I'm thinking I'll forgo plotting the script on physical index cards and use use the "cyber versions" in my software. In any event, "TB" is ready to go right after I finish the TAINTED rewrite (which starts Monday).

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Hate Nights Like This...

... when I feel like I want to work on something, but can't figure out what. I should work on this, but nah... not feeling it. There's this other project... but I'm not feeling it, either. Maybe I should work on... nah.

It's like I have motivation, or maybe I should say desire -- and none -- at the same time. I'll regret later not pushing forward on something, but, at this moment, I just can't seem to muster up the juice, much less focus or concentration, to be effective at anything.

It's most likely 'cause I'm tired. In fact, that's probably 90% of it. Maybe I'll go to bed early tonight... but I hate doing that. I give up my whole day to the rat race, only to be too drained to work on any of my passion projects?

This fucking bites.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

TEXAS BACKWATER - Prewriting #1

Doing one of my favorite things in the world: brainstorming plot points for a script while jamming to music. Amazing how it unlocks creativity. Woke up this morning with a problem at the core of TEXAS BACKWATER (if you follow my posts, you know to what I'm referring), and wondering how I would expand the story from the existing short to a feature. Not only is the core issue now resolved, but I've got a great idea of how to fill out the story and the subplots/character development to get me there.

Next steps are filling out the beat sheet and laying out the script on index cards - then it's on to either an outline (if I feel I need one) or the first draft. Gotta keep things rolling...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TEXAS BACKWATER - Introduction

While taking some time away from TAINTED before beginning rewrites, I've decided to go ahead and start working on my next feature, a horror/comedy called TEXAS BACKWATER.

Logline: On the verge of their illegal moonshine business failing due to drought, two country-fried cousins use water from a polluted pond to make their locally-famous brew. But when the hooch turns their loyal fanbase into a pack of ravenous zombies, they must destroy the source of the horror before the plague blooms beyond the county line.

This idea was birthed while I was still a film student at the University of North Texas, and the initial 19-page short script was written in one 24-hour period on June 5, 2001. The idea was that it would be part of a CREEPSHOW-style anthology, with a short contributed by myself and one each from two of my buddies in the program. Even though I called my short TEXAS BACKWATER, I thought it would also be a great name for the anthology, as we were three Texas filmmakers-in-training cooking up our own project. But that, unfortunately, never came to pass. I hung on to the idea, of course, and wrote the script for the short after graduation.

The short has been something I've wanted to do since 2001, but it's only been in the last several years that the idea to turn it into a feature came up (I've even thought about turning it into a comic book - an idea I'm still very much open to). I'll be writing it to put on the market, but if the opportunity arose, I'd love to step behind the camera and bring it to life. I just re-read the short script for the first time in forever, and although there's a good number of technical things I'd fix, I'm still impressed with what I came up with at the time. The story's ridiculously silly in the best way possible, and I'm looking forward to expanding the universe. It'll be a few weeks, at best, before I start on the actual script, but I'll be working on the story and characters in the meantime. I'm not sure of the writing schedule I'll use (may stay with the 7-page/day setup for 16 days, or do a 5-page/day routine over 22 days, excluding weekends), but I have plenty of time to figure it out.

TEXAS BACKWATER. "Won't you have a taste?"