Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LUPUS MOON #25 - "Redefinition"

Well, I took some time and thought about it, and - perhaps against better judgement and common sense - have made the decision that I will pursue realizing "Lupus Moon" as a comic book series.

I've already broken down the story into what will be a six-issue arc, with any future stories becoming separate arcs. Once the individual issues in each arc have been released, I'll seek to collect them in trade paperbacks, effectively making each arc its own graphic novel.

The first time I considered this, the idea was to put out the full graphic novel up front. However, I think serializing it will give me a chance to get work out relatively quicker, which will allow me to gauge if there's enough interest in the story to keep going (and keep spending money). I know it'll be a longer process given the time necessary for the artwork to come together, but I think in the end it'll be worth it. And besides, given my love of comics, how awesome would it be to hold my own work - in graphic form - in my hands?

There'll most likely be some kind of Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign once the time comes, but for now, I've got a lot of writing to do. This does feel right. I just hope I can make it happen.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

LUPUS MOON #24 - "Reconsideration"

In talking over my issues with the book last night with my boo, she asked a simple, yet right epiphany-enducing question - if I like to read novels.

I told her I do, but it's been forever since I read one, and used to read them a lot more when I was younger, but for some reason, just stopped. We agreed that getting older and having jobs played a part in it, but outside of that, I haven't been a huge novel reader.

But I LOVE reading comics and graphic novels.

This, of course, got me re-thinking the idea of "Lupus Moon" as a graphic novel. It's an idea I love, but one I abandoned because of the costs involved with art and printing - not to mention it puts me back in the situation of having to depend on others to get the work done, which is something I've become extremely leery about. But, in the end, it feels like a good way to go, and it would get me back into a form of writing akin to a screenplay - which I do sorely miss.

I'm not going to make any rash judgements, but I am going to take some time to think about it more and maybe play around with a script file. See how it goes...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LUPUS MOON #23 - "Dark Night of the Soul"

Finally got back to the book after taking some time away to develop/prep other projects. Gotta admit, I'm, pretty concerned. I finished the first chapter, but it absolutely, unequivocally SUCKS. It's too short, too fragmented - the action is bare bones without a lot of fluff. In short, it reads more like a screenplay, which this story originally was (it doesn't help that I was translating beats from the old script into the chapter).

At this point in the game, I don't want to start second-guessing whether or not this should be a novel or screenplay, but it's just not moving as smoothly as I thought it would. It feels like I'm fighting against something. I'm wondering if it's the fact that this should remain a screenplay. Problem is I want to get something complete and out to the public, and with the current climate in Hollywood, an unproven project without a pre-built fan base just isn't going to get a lot of attention (one of the main reasons for turning "Lupus Moon" into a novel).

Needless to say I have to figure this thing out. I keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and tell myself if I just keep pressing forward, it will get easier, as I've spent the last 15 years writing screenplays and have to "adjust" to writing prose, but I'm wondering if the difficulty I'm facing is because I'm going against what this should be.

I'm just really lost at this point.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

"The Life and Times of Abigail Waller," or, "Once Again for the First Time"

I haven't worked on "Shadowfox" in a couple days, but with good reason. I was finalizing the development of another project.

Yes, another project.

I hinted at it in another post, but today I made it official: my first web series, "The Life and Times of Abigail Waller," is making a return - as a webcomic. Anyone who's a fan of the medium knows just how popular and expansive the world of webcomics has become. And with advances in technology, even those not blessed with great artistic ability (yours truly chief among them) can join in the fun.

Plus, it makes sense, given my comic book nerd-ish tendencies.

The rebirth of "The Life and Times of Abigail Waller" will be realized using Pixton.com, a cool-ass website where folks can make their own comics for free (or with a paid version for those wanting to use their works for limited commercial purposes). Once completed, the strips will be posted on the series' flagship site, www.abigailwallerseries.com, every Thursday, starting with the series premiere on April 23. Those who are Facebook and/or Twitter inclined can follow along with the project's progress here and here, respectively.

I'm very excited about this new venture, and I hope you'll at least check it out. It's going to be a ton of fun for me, and something I can add to my roster of projects in progress without losing a great deal of time (fun fact: the debut comic is already done; I was able to knock it out in just a couple hours yesterday).

I'll do some more comic-related work this weekend, updating sites and Facebook pages, before diving back into "Lupus Moon" with a side order of "Shadowfox" if things get dicey. But for now, this feels like a nice lineup. And who knows? If I'm lucky, maybe instead of just attending Comicpalooza next year, I'll be on a panel discussing my comic and others (I definitely have others planned).

That would, unequivocally, rock.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

SHADOWFOX #8 - "Locked and Loaded"

You never know what day is going to be awesomely productive; you just love it when it happens. Knocked off the outline for the first "Shadowfox" novel today. It was a monster "during the work week" writing day, and now the book's ready to go to draft.

I'll be toggling between this book and Darque Marque Press​' "Lupus Moon," with the latter getting the start. That way I'm constantly working: when one hits a roadblock, I can hop over to the next and keep moving forward. All this, plus the potential webcomic thing (which I'm closer to making an announcement on).

I'm just ready to start churning out work, and I'm elated to be at a point where I can shift back into that mode. As a top WWE superstar's theme music states, it's "Time to play the game..."