Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Say Hello to the Bad Guy..."

You know what sucks? Constantly being put in a position where, if I defend myself, I'm the bad guy. 

I feel like I get billed as someone who's always angry. And I guess maybe I am, not that I want to be. It just seems that people routinely try to take advantage of me, insult me, or find ways to place me in awkward, stupid circumstances where, again, if I dare to speak up for myself, somehow  I'm the villain. I'm the one who's wrong and at fault.

If I show up for something at the wrong time because I'm not given an updated schedule? My fault.

If someone pushes me to waste my time attending something really unnecessary and I express that, I'm evil.

If someone posts something online, looking for a specific type of person, and a third party tags me in the post because I fit the description, only to have the original poster come back with "Who is he???"--and I respond in the way anyone who feels insulted would (I mean, damn, I was tagged; it's a live link--click it and do some fuckin' research, you lazy, trifling bastard!), I'm Satan.

It's extremely frustrating. How can people drop the ball on their end or do stupid/inconsiderate shit and then get snarky and upset with you when you speak up and/or refuse to accept it? I don't go out of my way to call people names and I try my best to be as professional and courteous when dealing with others at all times. The problem is it's rarely reciprocated; folks are too much into their own myopic world of wants and desire to raise their heads above their own mental muck to actually consider someone else for a change. They believe they can act any old way, and everyone's supposed to accept it. And when they don't--how dare they?

I'm just tired of it. Adulting sucks...