Saturday, April 23, 2016

You Win Some, You Lose Some...

Today's a little bit of good news, a little bit not-so-good...

The good news is that today is the one year anniversary of The Life and Times of Abigail Waller. It's been a blast working on the comic this year, and I look forward to continuing the story into the next and beyond.

The not-so-good news is that a competition I was hoping to land a nomination in (I didn't even want to win; it would've been nice, of course) released their list of nods today--and I didn't make the cut. The competition is the Glyph Comic Awards, put on by the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC). It's the comics awards equivalent to the NAACP Image Awards, established to honor achievement in the field of graphic arts by persons of color.

The sucky thing about it is the timing. The nominations were supposed to be made public no later than March 28, per the contest's registration paperwork. That never happened, and it wasn't until last week, on April 16th, that anything was said about what was going on (apparently, they decided to add more time to the judging due to a larger-than-normal number of entries). The fact that the announcement was only made through an affiliated Facebook page, with no emails sent to the actual persons submitting, says a lot. In fact, the only reason I knew the nominations came out today was by accident; someone mentioned it in a Twitter post in a group I'm a part of. I don't check in to this group everyday, so it could've been whenever that I would have found out.

So, because of a "delay" in judging, instead of learning I about this news when I should've, when I would've been over it by now and on to other things, the news gets dropped today--on my webcomic's anniversary. It can't be personal, because they don't know me, but nonetheless, that's a real "fuck you" moment.

As I mentioned, it wasn't about winning. I really just wanted to be nominated. I thought it would be cool to be able to say the webcomic made a nice impact in its first year. And I get it; you can't win them all and losing happens. But to really want it and to get the bad news on your webcomic's anniversary because of outside bungling...this is exactly why I'm not bursting at the seams to go back to filmmaking.

But enough bitching (this is my blog, though. If I can't be honest and vent and bitch here, where the fuck can I?). It doesn't change the fact that I love doing The Life and Times of Abigail Waller, nor does it change the fact I have some really awesome fans who make it even more worthwhile to crank the comics out. And it damn sure doesn't change the fact that I have stories to tell. Long story short--it changes nothing.

New Abigail will be dropping next Wednesday and Friday, and the Wednesday and Friday after that, and the Wednesday and Friday after that, and so on...

Can't stop.

Won't stop.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

When I'm Quiet...

You know the drill by now.

I come on here, blog for a bit, then...silence.

Then I reappear, talk about how I've changed course on everything, blah, blah, blah...wash, rinse, repeat.

Well, this time, that's not quite the case.

I've been working. Anytime I go silent, you can rest assured of that. Have there been changes? Sure, but nothing major. Lupus Moon is still on the docket (as a prose work), but it has been shifted into a secondary/backup/contingency role with my intention to bring my teen superhero concept, Shadowfox, to shelves first (I'll get into that in a future post). The Life and Times of Abigail Waller has just started it's third season--with a new, consistent format--to rave reviews. And I'm still planning on doing the web series concept with my actress friend, as well as the Blaque Magick web series project. As for the short films, Revelation and The Reparations Squad, I'm still interested in making those, but I need to revisit them to see if they're really moves I should make right now and if they're stories I really want to tell (and why).

They key to all this, of course, is time. I recently worked a side gig shooting and editing video to bring in some money. It's taken a lot more time than I wanted it to, but I'm almost done with it, which will allow me to move onto other things. In the meantime I've put together a schedule to try and keep my projects on track while making sure everything gets touched. Now all I have to do is follow it--which I'm doing now, resulting in this blog post.

It's late, so I'm about to hit the sack so I can get up and get back at it. I look forward to updating y'all on things as they progress.