Friday, May 27, 2016

Name-Dropped by Nerds (of Prey)

It's always nice when your work gets attention.

The Life and Times of Abigail Waller received a really cool honor a couple of days ago, when it was mentioned on the latest Nerds of Prey podcast, on a “Quick Caw” episode focusing on webcomics!

Normally hosted by four lovely sistas, this episode featured two of the usual crew, @Phunky_Brewster and @BlkGirlManifest, talking about what they loved about webcomics, as well as particular ones they follow and enjoy.

The entire show (under 35 minutes) was great; Abigail, in particular, comes up at the 20:12 mark.

Listen to the podcast here.

Monday, May 9, 2016

LUPUS MOON #34 - "New Prologue"

Reworked the outline for Book One a little bit tonight. While trying to figure out the best way to start the story, I came up with an AWESOME new prologue idea. I'm actually embarrassed I didn't come up with this sooner, since it seems to feel so damn right.

If I follow my work schedule, I won't be touching the project until next Saturday--but that's a big "if," as I'm now more eager than I have been in a long time to get into a draft...