Saturday, July 15, 2017

Random Ramblings #52 - "If it Ain't Broke..."

Tried to give an old favorite working spot a second chance after a long layoff. I didn't work out well. First, they've shortened their hours (I was planning to write until 6; they have "summer hours" and now close at 5), then secondly, there was no way to connect my laptop to their wifi (the only working connection was one detected by my cell, but not my laptop; the lady next to me had the same issue).

I tried to make the best of it and use my phone to listen to music (gotta have my tunes), but I'm also used to being able to check social media between breaks as well as research things on the spot as they come up. Long story short, I closed out my tab and have returned to where I should've gone in the first place--(in my Paul Heyman voice at :45 sec) the CURRENT, REIGNING, DEFENDING, and UNDISPUTED writing spot champion, Starbucks!

Now let me get to work...

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