Sunday, December 17, 2017

LUPUS MOON #35 - "First Draft COMPLETE!"

And there it is. Finally, 17 days after NaNoWriMo wrapped up, I'm officially finished with the first draft of Lupus Moon.

I should've been done a long time ago. Originally, the intention was to keep working each and every day until the draft was completed, but after November ended, I really wanted a break, and convinced myself that if I took a day off it wouldn't be a problem. I'd try to work, but if it didn't happen, no big deal. Well, that day was Friday, and I didn't write. Then came Saturday and Sunday, and I didn't write on those days, either. Long story short, I didn't touch the manuscript (feels weird being able to use that word) until six days later--and even then I only added 655 words, a far cry from hitting at least 1,667 words a day throughout the challenge. Anyway, here's how the final days of the draft broke down:

Friday, 12/8 - 930 words
Saturday, 12/9 - 1214 words
Wednesday, 12/13 - 1,043 words
Friday, 12/15 - 545 words
Saturday, 12/16 - 573 words
Sunday, 12/17 - 1,171 words

Now that I'm done, the first thing I'm going to do is let the thing sit for a month or so to regain some perspective and objectivity before I start rewrites. In the meantime, I'll be flipping back over to Shadowfox to rewrite and polish the first arc and move it one step closer to release...

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